Award-Winning Puzzles: WAWW Celebrates Business Excellence!

Exciting update! Guess what? WAWW Puzzles... you know... us the awesome brand known for its unique, eco-friendly, and customizable wooden jigsaw puzzles :b just won the Small Consumer Services category in the prestigious New Hampshire Business Review's Business Excellence Awards!

This recognition goes beyond a trophy. It's a powerful validation of our core values: sustainability, artistry, community, and innovation. We're deeply honored, and we dedicate this award to our amazing customers who share our passion for exceptional puzzles and responsible business practices.

Beyond the Business Excellence Award

This recognition fuels our passion to continue creating exceptional puzzle experiences that are kind to the planet and bring joy to your home. We're constantly innovating, exploring new designs, and collaborating with talented artists to bring you puzzles that are:

  • Educational and engaging: Perfect for families, puzzle enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a mindful challenge.
  • Visually stunning: Each puzzle features breathtaking artwork, vintage maps, or personalized photos, making them conversation starters and cherished keepsakes.
  • Durable and eco-friendly: Crafted from sustainable materials and built to last, our puzzles are designed for generations of enjoyment.

What Makes What a Wood Work Special?

  • Sustainable Magic: eco-friendly materials and processes, minimizing our environmental footprint while crafting heirloom-quality puzzles.
  • Vintage Charm: Unleash your inner explorer with our vintage map puzzles, featuring captivating historical cartography for an intellectually stimulating experience.
  • Memories Made Personal: Cherish life's special moments with our gorgeous custom photo gifts, transforming treasured memories into stunning wooden puzzles your loved ones will adore.
  • Community Spirit: We actively collaborate with local artists, supporting their talents and fostering vibrant communities.
  • Award-Winning Innovation: Our dedication to pushing boundaries shines through in our unique puzzle designs and commitment to exceptional customer service.

Join the What a Wood Work Family!

Celebrate sustainability and experience the magic of our award-winning puzzles. Explore our collection of:

  • Vintage map puzzles: Journey through time and discover hidden treasures with our captivating historical maps.
  • Custom photo puzzles: Turn cherished memories into lasting keepsakes with our personalized puzzle options.