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Beautiful vintage pictorial maps, fine art reproductions, animal totems, wall-floor map puzzles, challenging mandalas of up to 31" diameter, round designs and more... you name it.

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• C O L L E C T I O N S •

Our love for wood shows in our craftsmanship.

Yeah. Flimsy cardboard puzzles are not our thing. Having PRECIOUS memories, MEANINGFUL images, UNIQUE snapshots printed and made into a LONG-LASTING hobby for generations to enjoy definitively is. We are here to make sure our craftsmanship skills meet your expectations.

We are WAWW PUZZLES, a women-owned and mother-run small business that strives for 100% sustainable materials and eco-friendly sources for all of our products. We're dedicated to creating quality products that not only fit you uniquely, but that also spark your creativity and originality.

Let us WOW you!


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